About us

Shotguns and Shells: Family Interest Turned Business

For competitive shotgun shells at reasonable prices, look no further than Competitive Ammo in Dallas, TX.
We have readily available ammunition for people who are passionate about shooting sports and hunting.

It Runs in the Family


How Love Blossomed Between Two Gun Enthusiasts

Our husband and wife team has been shooting together for more than 20 years.

Bonding Over the Sport

Their son was 10 years old when he started immersing himself in the world of shooting sports. When they found out that he was left-eye dominant, he quickly showed them that he was a natural.

Being involved in our son’s trap, skeet, and sporting clay teams and participating in shooting sports for more than 20 years enabled us to find a void in this industry—a steady supply of affordable shotgun shells. Wanting to fill this need, we started our own business of importing a product for a sport we are passionate about.

Now we travel around Texas as a family to compete on a monthly, if not weekly, basis.


Different Ways to Get Your Orders

Delivery and Meetup

Our inventory is kept in a climate-controlled warehouse in Dallas, TX. From there, we can either deliver your orders or prepare them for pickup at our office. For meetups, you need to purchase a minimum of six shotgun shell flats.



When it comes to shipping, our rates vary. For large orders, we don’t even charge you for the cost. Make sure to email us for the best possible price on your shipment.


You must be 18 or older to purchase our products. Get in touch with us for more information.